Admission is on-going for children between the ages of one and ten years.

Admission Process

We have two options available for parents seeking admission for their children.

  1. Walk-in admission process

. Pick and fill forms from the school

. Submit filled forms together with admission fee

. Minimum of two familiarisation visits for child

. Child starts school

  1. Electronic admission process

. Download forms and fill

. Submit to school electronically

. Arrange for familiarisation visits for child


*Those applying electronically must verify from school if placement exists for a particular class before submitting forms.

For more help on our admission process, click here for our contact information.

Daisies 1-2 Créche Créche
Marigold 2-3 Nursery Nursery 1
Daffodil 3-4 Nursery Nursery 2
Jasmine 4+/-6 Reception KG
Primrose 5+ Year 1 Class 1
Sunflower 6+ Year 2 Class 2
Tulip 7+ Year 3 Class 3
Orchid 8+ Year 4 Class 4
Rose 9+ Year 5 Class 5
Buttercup 10+ Year 6 Class 6

Key:       BBIS – Blooming Buds International School

                BNC – British National Curriculum

                GES – Ghana Education Service