About Us

Welcome to Blooming Buds!

About the School

Blooming Buds International School (BBIS) has a team of highly qualified and experienced workers who love, appreciate and respect children and are also incredibly enthusiastic about teaching and learning. Our teachers do not only impart knowledge, but also ensure that children develop into confident, sociable, tolerant, innovative and well-informed individuals.

Vacancy for Trained Teachers

The Blooming Buds International School (BBIS) has opportunities for Trained Teachers. We are a premium quality private international school currently offering education for children between the ages of 1-10years. By joining our team, teachers are exposed to a new world where career excellence and fulfilling rewards are assured.

Our mission is to employ the most innovative and creative, international but culturally relevant strategies to provide education that develops the intelligence and character of all children irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, creed or gender.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the first choice international educational institution in the provision of pre-school to pre-university education in Ghana.

We started as a preschool and promised of expansion. We have expanded into Primary (Key Stages 1 & 2) and will begin Secondary in 2020/21 Academic Year.